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business law

Business Law

The current business environment involves both the traditional and virtual spheres. Nevertheless, the fundamentals of business are still the keys to success. Whether they operate online or in a brick-and-mortar enterprise, business owners of every size require sound legal advice to protect their interests. Our team is well versed in business law with extensive experience in small business start up and development, business association creation, Internet law issues, and e-commerce. We provide clients with efficient, affordable solutions to their business challenges and can advise and protect businesses from start up to wind up, covering a wide range of business law issues such as:

  1. Formation of business entities, including partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, joint ventures, and international business ventures
  2. Business Plan development that includes Operations, Human Resources, and Employment
  3. Risks and risk mitigation
  4. Federal and state regulatory compliance
  5. Employment law and employee issues
  6. Business and Security Agreements, Operating Agreements, and Consulting Agreements
  7. Litigation of partnership and shareholder disputes, commercial real estate disputes, and other commercial litigation
  8. Commercial leasing
  9. Commercial collections and enforcement of creditor judgments
  10. Sales of businesses and business assets


Real Estate

The Law Offices of Stephen E. Penner have decades of experience in assisting clients in resolving various real estate issues.  There is a vast body of law that governs real estate transactions in California, and it is important to recognize situations that necessitate the advice and protection of legal counsel. While the Internet can be an important tool for educating oneself about real estate issues, it is important to consult with a practiced and experienced attorney well-versed in the complexities of the California Civil Code as well as California’s various real estate statutes and the regulations of various California administrative agencies.

Stephen E. Penner will be able and happy to help assist you with any real estate issues or problems involving:

  1. Duties and responsibilities of real estate agents and licensees
  2. Real estate contracts and purchase agreements
  3. The drafting, executing, and recording of property grant deeds
  4. Understanding California law related to ownership of real property, including duties and liabilities
  5. Acquisitions and conveyances of real property
  6. Real property security devices (including promissory notes, mortgages and trust deeds, different types of loans, and consumer protection acts)
  7. Involuntary liens and homesteads
  8. Adjacent property rights (including boundary disputes, encroachment, nuisance, water rights, and easements)
  9. Easement disputes and creation of easements on title  
  10. Landlord-tenant law